Who is Steve Wilson?

Who is Steve Wilson? Why Steve?

Steve Wilson-Sartell Homes is the Sartell Real Estate Specialist. Steve’s website, www.SartellHomes.biz, says it all. This city is where Steve Wilson does “bizness”. Many professions have “specialists”. They have narrowed their focus within their profession to better serve the people they work with or care for. That is Steve’s objective as well – to be the expert regarding Sartell real estate.

To be an expert you need several qualities. One is to be intelligent. I was in in the top 5% of my high school class, graduated from college cum laude, have a Masters Degree in education, so I feel like I’m clever enough to understand the analytical side of pricing, marketing trends and determining value. I passed my state and national real estate exams with a score of 99% correct (70% is passing).

Another quality for success is to know the products (homes) that one is working with. My hands-on understanding of construction goes back to the early 1970’s when I was a carpenter, framing and trimming homes while attending college. It has continued for over 40 years in multiple careers related to the building industry – from development, to finance and marketing of products that go into homes. I know what to look for on behalf of the buyer and what qualities to promote in a home on behalf of the seller.

In one of my earlier careers I developed multifamily housing projects valued in the range of $4,000,000 – $15,000,000 . During that time I negotiated with land owners, city councils, planning commissions, lenders, syndicators and even neighborhood groups. I know how to negotiate in order to achieve a desired result. When I work for a buyer or seller I negotiate confidently because I base my argument on a position which relies on the facts of my in-depth comparative market analysis and other undeniable data. One cannot negotiate effectively without first having the data to support the argument.  I’m a bit old-schooled as I represent a buyer or seller in the submission of an offer or counteroffer. I ask to present these offers in a face-to-face setting rather than through an email to another agent who, I feel, cannot represent my client, nor the facts of the transaction, nearly as well as I can on your behalf. The negotiation is where a confident, intelligent position can reap significant benefits for the client.

I spent 20+ plus years developing marketing concepts that would encourage homeowners and home buyers to use the products I was promoting. I use these marketing skills to interpret the psyche of the buyer/seller to reap the highest benefit for my client. I also use these talents to position a home in the best possible light for a seller client. In fact, if you are a Seller, I have a space on the front page of my website dedicated to showcase your home. It takes more than just placing it on the MLS to get the best price. I would love to sit down with you to describe the multiple ways I promote the sale of a home. Proper pricing, a continuous watch of the internet viewing activity, comparing that activity to the number of showings and the foot traffic to the home, and, then acting appropriately on this information is key to selling a house at is optimum price.

I’ve taught students how to use a camera while I was a photography instructor. I know the fine points of taking beautiful photographs. In my marketing career I also took photographs of luxury homes that I used in the promotion of a product line. I know the importance of great photography to sell products, especially homes. I take photographs that bring more buyers to my listings. The more potential buyers that look at a home, the quicker and better price result you’ll have.

And in the last few years, I’ve been a realtor helping people buy and/or sell homes through conventional means as well as through some creative, unconventional methods which ultimately gave clients their desired outcome.

There are few people that can come close to the the breadth of successful life experiences that I’ve had, which has prepared me to represent a buyer or a seller better than anyone. And in the words of Walter Brennan from “the Guns of Will Sonnet”, circa 1969, he said, as do I, “No brag, just fact.” Thanks for indulging me. I just want you to know there’s a reason I’m good at what I do!

I have enjoyed watching this city grow from 1500 residents when I moved here in 1977 to the dynamic city it is now with a population of almost 17,000 people. I have taken advantage of the river in our backyard, love the school system and the small town friendliness. I know what’s happening in Sartell – not only what’s coming through the MLS pipeline, but what ‘s coming up, what’s going away and opportunities that could bring buyers and sellers together.

Sartell has been my home for 38 years. I know Sartell and river properties. It makes tremendous sense for me to focus entirely on the Sartell real estate market. For over two years I have been a greater St Cloud real estate “generalist” helping clients buy and sell homes in St Cloud, St Joseph, Sauk Rapids, Waite Park and beyond. I have made the decision to become the Sartell “Specialist” narrowing my geographic scope to Sartell. With that market focus I can better serve the people who wish to buy or sell homes in this great community. No one else has the website www.SartellHomes.biz which features ONLY SARTELL and EVERYTHING SARTELL in residential real estate. My focus is buying or selling homes in Sartell. If that’s your focus as well, let’s talk about making your dreams come true.